Guatemala first country in Central America to have Google Maps street view

google maps street view guatemala

Google Street Views are now available in Guatemala. Google Maps camera cars drovgoogle maps street view guatemalae around Guatemala for 10 months capturing the views and documenting their entire journey with a specialized camera. The Google Team drove more than 6400 kilometers filming Antigua, Chichicastenango, Quetzaltenango, Chimaltenango, and other areas. Google Street Views of Guatemala first started appearing in April 2017.

The feature allows you to walk the streets and avenues of more than 75 countries. It is an excellent tool to plan vacations and to learn about different places around the world.   I like using it to see places I have lived in the past, especially looking at my homes and workplaces back in Colorado. The success of Street View lies in its usefulness in daily life. Virtual tours can be done and check the addresses of restaurants, visit municipalities and cities, as well as museums, theaters, airports, and markets.

Now we can explore on our own and see what Google included. Major streets in Panajachel are included, as are street views of  San Juan, San Pedro, San Marcos, San Pablo, Santiago, Cerro de Oro, San Lucas.  San Antonio and Santa Catarina are included.  The street view even travels to the outskirts of Tzununa on a dirt road. It takes us up the dirt road outside of San Pedro in the direction of Santiago.

The Street View camera got into local transportation and took a boat ride on Lake Atitlán. Filmed in October 2016, the "street views" take us for a virtual boat 
ride past Panajachel, across the lake to Santiago Atitlán,  around the shore line to San Pedro, then across to San Marcos, and along the shore line at a distance back 
to Panajachel.

The project was done in alliance with the Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo (Inguat), the City of Guatemala, el Ministerio de Cultura y el Instituto de Antropología e Historia.

google maps street view guatemala

This photo was NOT shot in Guatemala, but offers a fine example of the privacy settings Google includes to keep our personal lives intact.  I know that comes as a relief to you all.

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