Lake Atitlan Festival of Consciousness 2017

March 17 – 21, 2017 – Over 60 workshops for Saturday, Sunday and Monday for the 8th annual event!  The Festival of Consciousness was born in March 2009; the idea came about to host a festival where people could see the workings behind, and indulge in, short workshops that expend awareness in health, education and the environment. So in 2009, with some help with some friends,  San Marcos hosted the first Festival of Consciousness. Since then it has been an annual event always around the Spring equinox, (March 21st).

​San Marcos is such an incredible lake side town, filled with many talented and educated people with so many gifts to share. It is an absolute pleasure to organize this festival to see like minded and open hearted people coming together to learn, share and exchange information, ideas and their passions. As the people of the community have so much to share it is a great way to have a little taste test of all the things you can do and study here. The Lake is a place where transformation on many levels occurs. Therefore,  the intent of the festival is to give each participant little seeds of knowledge, wisdom and understanding to take with them on their journeys and to plant these seeds of awareness in all those that they touch.

Other festivals around the world often set up their stages and exhibits, host their events and then take it all down again until the next year. The Festival of Consciousness is unique in that most of the workshops and events on offer are here most of the year round. The venues are existing business here who provide services on a daily basis to those living and passing through town. 

Although there are only two main paths in town, there is so much going on here. What makes the Festival of Consciousness special is that all the amazing people and things you can learn in San Marcos come together for several days to share, exchange and connect with like minded people who are interested in living more conscious lives. It is a great time to have a “taste test” to see what and who resonates with you, and your journey in the moment. 

Although the festival is open to facilitators that have knowledge to share from outside of San Marcos, the festival also highlights those people who live and work here year round. Their gifts, talents, passions and personalities are diverse in nature. There are also those whom I call “Lights of San Marcos,” who have lived here for a number of years and maintain a connection to this place through their ongoing work, interests and personal connections. Many of these people host workshops, retreats, cacao ceremonies, meditations and practice holistic living in other areas of the world.

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